Basic Policy on Information Disclosure

The Mitsubishi Research Institute Group (MRI Group) upholds the Fair Disclosure Rules and discloses important information to our stakeholders including shareholders and investors in a timely, accurate, fair and impartial manner. We also proactively disclose information that we deem effective in promoting a wider understanding by society of the MRI Group.

Basic Rules for Information Disclosure

The MRI Group complies with the following rules in the disclosure of important information.


  1. Timeliness: Information about significant events must be disclosed without delay after the events have occurred.
  2. Accuracy: All information disclosed must accurately reflect the facts.
  3. Impartiality: All important information, whether favorable or unfavorable to the MRI Group, must be disclosed in accordance with the timely disclosure rules of the stock exchange.
  4. Fairness: All stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, must have equal access to information.

Information Disclosure Method

The MRI Group discloses information that falls under important facts, as set forth in the timely disclosure rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, in accordance with the said rules, through the TDnet (Timely Disclosure network) of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. 
We also disclose information that is not required by any rules or regulations but is deemed to affect the shareholders and the investors in their investment decisions, as appropriate, in a prompt and suitable manner.

Quiet Periods

In order to prevent information leaks related to financial results and to ensure fairness of information, the MRI Group sets the period between the day following the closing date (including quarterly closings) and the time of announcement of the financial results as quiet periods. During this period, the MRI Group refrains from making any comments or answering any questions regarding the financial results. However, if it becomes apparent that a significant change in business forecasts are to be expected during quiet periods, the MRI Group discloses information, as appropriate, in accordance with the timely disclosure rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Business Forecasts and Other Forward-looking Statements

Information disclosed by the MRI Group other than historical and present facts is forward-looking information that is based on management’s assumptions in light of information available at this moment and involves various risks and uncertainties. Therefore, please be aware that the actual business results announced may differ as a result of these various factors.

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